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for the finance industry

Welcome to Canopy

We are a financial data company that helps businesses and individuals turn data into insights.

Use technology

We utilize our advanced technologies to break down data silos - whether it be for large global banks or high net-worth individuals.

Empower people

By providing clean data and the tools to analyze data, we help our clients to obtain actionable insights.

Change behaviours

We believe that data based decisions have the power to change business and individuals for the better.

About us

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Our Solutions

We offer solutions for:

Financial Institutions

We specialize in breaking down data silos and building rich operational information to help management make better decisions.


Wealth Professionals

We provide the tools to help reduce the time spent on administrative task and ensure that you stay one step ahead of your clients.


High Net-worth Individuals

We provide the aggregation and analytics solutions to provide our clients with a holistic view of their wealth.


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