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Canopy is a financial data aggregation and insights platform for high net worth individuals and wealth management professionals.

Canopy via Credit Suisse

We are pleased to announce that Canopy is now available through the Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific app.
The partnership allows our mutual clients to obtain daily portfolio updates via a dedicated data feed.
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Your data, your way

Canopy can aggregate all your financial and non-financial investments; as our proprietary software is able to extract, standardize, and enrich data from any electronic source. We then make sure that your wealth portfolio is as easy to access and utilize as possible.
Web Visualizer
  • Interactive and customizable views
  • Performance attribution and analytics
  • Reports and data downloads

Macro-enabled Excel
  • Full access to your clean data
  • Investment strategy tagging and analysis
  • Cash-flow and IRR computations
Canopy is an open API driven solution. We are able to connect to your existing systems!

The complete solution


Upload or email your PDF bank statements and other files. Let Canopy do the hardwork for you.


Aggregate all asset classes; such as listed securities, loans, private equity, real estate, and art collections.


Canopy is a fully reconciled transaction based aggregation platform. We use Bloomberg to value securities on a daily basis.


We offer clients the option to remain completely anonymous. Canopy is bank level secure.


Use our interactive website or macro enabled Excel front-end to obtain the information you need.


Apply custom asset, industry, and geography classifications. Generate reports in PDF or PowerPoint.

The process is simple

Canopy takes care of the administrative and technical tasks, so you don’t have to!


Provide the data

If your banks do not provide data feeds, you can upload or email us your bank statements. Alternatively, ask your relationship managers to send them to us!

Canopy does the hardwork

Our first step is to anonymize any personally identifiable information - we do our best to prevent the collection of such sensitive information. Using our proprietary aggregation, standardization, and enrichment software our data team will construct your aggregated wealth portfolio. As part of the process, our software and data team conduct several reconciliations and checks to ensure your portfolio is accurate.

Enjoy your aggregated portfolio

Once uploaded, you may combine your individual investment portfolios in anyway you choose. Gain insights into your best performing portfolios, and understand your risk exposures like never before.

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