About us

Our Chiefs

We are finance and technology experts:


Chief Executive Officer

Tanmai used to be a Managing Director (Credit Trading) at Deutsche Bank before founding Canopy. He enjoys coding and trading.


Chief Product Officer

Martin used to be a Director (Credit Trading) at Deutsche Bank before jumping across. He enjoys sailing and unhealthy food.


Chief Technology Officer

Amit used to be Head of Tech at InstaReM before discovering Canopy. He enjoys reading and spending time with the family.


Chief Operations Officer

Michiel used to be a Director (Consulting) at PwC before deciding he needed a bigger challenge. He enjoys running and hockey.

Our story

Canopy was born in a Singaporean shop house in 2015 - as part of the Mesitis Group. Clients of the Group found it very difficult to obtain a holistic view of their wealth, and as such Canopy began its life extracting, standardizing, and enriching data from bank statements.

Canopy has since evolved and now helps financial institutions and wealth managers to connect their siloed data, analyze their data, and gain new insights into their business or market.

Our mission

We believe in a data driven world. We want to empower business and individuals to realize the value of their data and make informed decisions.

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