The Canopy Modules

Powerful API Driven Solutions

The Canopy platform consists of a range of modules that can be tailored to your needs.

Data visualization and basic analytics functionalities.

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Customized module for complex data analysis.

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Create template or customized reports using your data.

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The data cruncher and standardizer.

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A module for Relationship Managers to view their client data.

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Access your data without any limitations.

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Automate and send out your data and insights.

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The Visualizer is an interactive web application for viewing your data. The module also includes basic analytics and download functionalities.

The Analytics module enables users to generate custom analytics with the click of a button.

Generate customizable portfolio reports in PDF or PowerPoint

The Engine is the back-end interface that powers your data transformation.

The Canopy Manager module has been specifically built to help wealth professionals manage their portfolio of clients.

Why clients have chosen us


Canopy is API driven. We are able to integrate with any of your existing systems.

To-the-cent Accurate

Canopy Engine has been designed to standardize and enrich large amounts of data while maintaining to-the-cent accuracy.

PDF friendly

We utilize advanced algorithms to extract and structure the data from PDFs.

Frequently asked questions

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