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Welcome to Canopy Lite!beta

Canopy is pleased to invite users to try out our new Canopy Lite platform. It has all the main perks of our main Canopy platform but focuses on self-uploads!

Self uploads

Utilize our upload template to import your portfolios into Canopy.

Insightful analytics

Quickly discover the key drivers in your consolidated portfolio.

Bloomberg updates

Utilize Bloomberg to enrich your portfolio with additional key financial metrics.

The Visualizer is one of the many ways you are able to view the consolidation portfolio.


Compare the performance of your accounts and custodians.


Identify your exposures by industry / currency / country / and many more.


Review and forecast your the cashflows from your portfolio.

Example screenshots:

What else is included?

Canopy Lite has all the main features and functionalities needed to gain deep insights into your portfolio!

The main differences with Canopy Lite and Canopy Classic is the customized insights and the level of user support.

Feature Lite Classic
Anonymous & Secure
Self upload
Multi-user access
Full service uploads
Full user support

Why is Canopy Lite free?

We hope that our clients will use Canopy to better understand their portfolio and select investments that make a positive impact in our world.

About us

How does it work?


Gather all your financial and non-financial information.


Easily input or upload your investments using the Canopy Engine.


View, analyze, and download your aggregated portfolio using the Canopy Visualizer!

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