Data solutions

for financial institutions

Information is power

Canopy helps financial institutions build big data ecosystems to maximize their returns.

Connect systems

Canopy has developed an open source data format that enables financial data to be aggregated seemlessly across several databases and systems. Our API solution sits on top of your existing infrastructure.

Clean data

Financial data is very difficult to standardize. By utilizing Canopy Universal Language and machine learning we are able to ensure data consistency and enrich data using Bloomberg and FactSet.

Derive insights

With the formation of big data there are many insights to be discovered. The Canopy platform makes it easy to quickly obtain the data needed to make informed decisions.

Changing wealth Management with Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is utilizing Canopy to empower
their clients and relationship managers.

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Realize the potential of your data

Canopy enables financial instiutions to gain new insights into their business.

Understand clients

Utilize internal and external data to get new insights into your clients' behaviour and understand their needs.

Increase performance

Develop new strategies to maximize and monitor the business' performance. Monitor performance on a timely basis to minimize risk.

Gain a competitive edge

Use the data as a guide to develop the next generation of products and services; and stay constantly connected to your client base.

Our modular solutions

We offer several solutions that can be customized for your needs:

The data module

The core module for the Canopy platform. Extract, standardize, and enrich financial data from any source (including PDFs).

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The insights module

Allows for deep and fully customized analysis of the consolidated portfolios and clients.

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The viewing platform

Allows end users to interact and download their information. Customizable views and widgets, and whitelabelling options available.

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The report generator

Download customizable templates in Powerpoint, PDF, and other formats with the click of a button.

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Customized to your needs

Canopy can aggregate all your financial and non-financial investments; as our proprietary software is able to extract, standardize, and enrich data from any electronic source. We then make sure that your wealth portfolio is as easy to access and utilize as possible.


Canopy has developed an open source data format that enables financial data to be aggregated seamlessly via APIs.


Canopy gives you complete control of your data. We take data security seriously and have thus developed a bank level secure infrastructure and procedures.


Obtaining a holistic view of wealth in modern times is very challenging. We provide the aggregation and analytics solutions to turn the data back into information.

Fully customizable

Whether it's data visualization or portfolio analytics, we offer an array of customization to suit your needs.

System overlay

Avoid the hassle of intergrating or changing systems. Canopy is an overlay that enables all your systems to have one unified standard.


Ensure that your clients enjoy a seamless experience with our single sign-on whitelabel solutions.

Canopy Universal Language

Is our open source format designed for coders and non-coders to be able to freely standardized and transfer financial information.

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How we have helped

Credit Suisse wanted to alter a fundamental limitation in providing wealth advice to their clients - that they had assets at other banks. As such, Credit Suisse and Canopy worked together to enable clients to consolidate their other accounts. This allowed clients to obtain a holistic view of their wealth, and whether they needed their Credit Suisse Relationship Manager to help them manage it.

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An investment bank needed ‘middle-ware' to standardise and reconcile the data from their back office systems to be fed into their front office systems. By utilising the Canopy Engine module, the bank was able clean their data and were able to link the two systems with ease. The adoption of the Canopy UL format also meant that the bank is able to link other systems into their ecosystem seemlessly.
Two banks had decided to form a partnership to ensure their clients received best-in-class service and were able to access new markets. Canopy was able to connect the two banks systems to allow the client to receive a combined statement and allowed management enhance their internal reporting.
A banking and asset management conglomerate was not able to show their clients a rich history of their financial data on their online platform. By utilizing the Canopy Engine and Visualizer they were able to dramatically improve their digital offering; including offering fund look-throughs for their funds.

Why clients have chosen us

Easy to integrate

Canopy sits on-top of your existing infrastructure - meaning you do not need to change anything! We are able to connect systems and deal with all types of financial information. Some of our solutions are deployable within days.

Financial expertise

Our team is the perfect mix of leading finance professionals and software developers. This mix allows Canopy to understand both the financial and software requirements.


Businesses and requirements are constantly changing. As such, we understand that solutions need to adapt to ensure they stay relevent. Canopy offers continuing support and upgrades!

Frequently asked questions

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