Obtain a holistic view

of your wealth

Canopy via Credit Suisse

Utilize the Credit Suisse datafeed to effortlessly keep your portfolio up-to-date.

Wealth consolidation and insights made simple

Canopy utilizes the latest technology to make wealth aggregatation simple and easy.

All assets

Consolidate all types of financial and non-financial data. Canopy can handle everything!

All formats

Provide any type of file format or source document. Canopy takes care of the data extraction.

Easy uploads

Drag and drop your files into the web application or simply send us an email.

Introduction Video

Watch a brief introduction to the Canopy Platform!

Become a better investor

Canopy aggregates all your financial and non-financial investments allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Anonymous & Secure

Your anonymity is in your control. Canopy is built to enable our clients to remain completely anonymous and has infrastructure that bank level secure.


Obtaining a holistic view of wealth in modern times is challenging. We provide the aggregation and analytics solutions to turn the data back into information.

PDF friendly

Canopy is able to consolidate PDF bank statements. We utilize advanced algorithms to extract and structure the data from your PDFs.

The Visualizer is one of the many ways you are able to view the consolidation portfolio.

Interactive data

View your data the way you want to with custom classification and flexible views.

Insightful analytics

With Canopy Analytics you are able to quickly discover the key drivers in your consolidated portfolio.

Bloomberg updates

Your portfolio is kept up-to-date using Bloomberg. We also utilize Bloomberg to enrich your portfolio with additional key financial metrics.

Interactive demo:

Example screenshots:


Bank level secure

Our infrastructure is certified to a security level equivalent to a bank. We regularly conduct penetration testing and hire third-party specialists to test our security.


We provide the process and tools for our users to remain completely anonymous - whether it be anonymizing your statements or communicating with us.

No personal data

If we encounter any personal information we anonymize or remove it. We also regularly delete all source files to ensure that your identity is safe in the worst case scenario.

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Key benefits

Canopy aggregates all your financial and non-financial investments so that you can make well-informed decisions.

Performance drivers

Identify the underlying performance drivers in your portfolio with a click of a button.

Risk exposures

Quickly understand your concentration risk and exposures. Conduct scenario analysis to balance your portfolio.

Portfolio alerts

Setup Canopy to alert you if a wide variety of thresholds are breached or certain events occur.

Uploads are easy


Simply drag and drop your files on our upload page. Canopy will then ask if you would like to remove any personal information before uploading the document. Alternatively you can provide your data via email.

RM upload

Request for your Relationship Managers to provide the monthly statements for you. We provide the tools necessary for the RM to remove the personal information. Canopy also removes any personal information that we come across.


Some custodians are able to provide datafeeds or utilize Swift to automatically provide anonymous data. Please reach-out to us for more information.

How we have helped

A client large proportion of a client's wealth was in real estate, art, and wine. Canopy was able to consolidate all his non-financial assets with his equities, bonds, and funds to give him a holistic view of his wealth for the very first time.
A client had invested a significant amount in Odebrecht bonds. Canopy alerted the client and their Relationship Manager when the value of the bonds breached the threshold setup on their portfolio. On further investigation they became aware of the reported corruption charges and thus were able to limit their loss.
A client had a strong weighting of bonds in all his individual accounts. Using the Canopy Visualizer they were able to identify that a number of bonds were due to mature in the same month. Using this information the client has sufficient time to consult with his Relationship Managers to minimize the time the capital spent uninvested.
Using Canopy Analytics a client was able to identify that their had entered the option leg of their covered call incorrectly. A weekly summary email identified that they had unexpectedly taken on more exposure to the underlying equity. Upon investigation it was evident that they had bought instead of sold a call option.

Why clients have chosen us

Your data, your way

By providing the Canopy Visualizer, Analytics, and Reporter; we make accessing the consolidated data as easy as possible.

To-the-cent Accurate

By conducting a three-way reconciliation (transactions, holdings, and cash) after every upload we are able to provide to-the-cent accurate data.

PDF friendly

We are the only provider that is able to consolidate your PDF bankstatements. We utilize advanced algorithms to extract and structure the data from your PDFs.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any remaining questions, please see our FAQ section.


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