Is Canopy secure?

Canopy has bank-level security with SHA-256 SSL, 2048 encryption and other database security measures. We also undergo regular system penetration testing.

Is Canopy anonymous?

Canopy makes best efforts not to read or store personally identifiable information. However, to remain completely anonymous, we provide clients with the tools required to remove any personally identifiable information from their account statements during the upload process.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy .

Do we need to process statements ourselves?

No, simply upload your statements into Canopy and we take care of the processing.

How accurate is Canopy?

Canopy processes every line item on the bank statements and applies a rigorous reconciliation process between transactions, holdings and cash records. As a result, Canopy is extremely accurate.

Is Canopy customizable?

We have plenty of customizable options. Within the Visualizer, you can customize the classification of your assets by asset class, geography and industry. Take control of your reports: use our templates or design your own, and download the reports to your preferred formats (as PDF or PPT).

Is Canopy automated?

Canopy’s data processing software is highly automated and only requires manual intervention at certain checkpoints to ensure data integrity.

What data is needed?

Canopy accepts data from any bank or custodian globally, so long as the data are in electronic format, including PDF. Non-English language statements are also accepted (surcharges may apply).

We have more questions. How do we get in touch with you?

Contact us from here, or send us an email to hello@canopy.cloud. We look forward to speaking with you!

+65 6681 6660