Canopy aggregates your entire wealth portfolio; including all financial and non-financial assets such as real estate, art and wine collection etc.
Canopy is easily accessible on any web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) on desktop, tablet or mobile.
Yes, we accept electronic statements from all banks and custodians. If Canopy has not seen a particular type of statement before, we will need additional working days to program.
Canopy’s data processing software is largely machine driven with many automated features and some human element required at certain checkpoints to ensure data integrity.
Yes, we have plenty of customizable options available from amending asset classifications to configuring your own dashboards. Speak with us about your needs.

Account & Security

Canopy is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. We practice bank-level security with SHA-256 SSL, 2048 encryption and other database security measures. We also undergo regular system penetration testing. However, the best line of defence is not having customer's personally identifiable information in the first place and that's why Canopy is an anonymous platform.

To learn more about how Canopy keeps client data safe, please refer here.
Your privacy is important to us. Canopy makes best efforts not to read or store personally identifiable information. However, to remain completely anonymous, we provide clients with the tools required to remove any personally identifiable information from their account statements during the upload process.

For more information, please read our Privacy Statement.
Yes, we do support Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to add another layer of security to your account. 2FA can be used with the "Google Authenticator" App. Please send a request to connect@canopy.cloud if you would like to have 2FA enabled on your account.


Many analysis functions in Canopy are very detailed. Therefore, to accurately process your data, we may need multiple statements and reports.

The most common statements that we require are Portfolio Holdings Summary, Transactions Activity as well as Current Account Statement.
Canopy accepts data in any electronic format, such as PDF, SWIFT, CSV, Excel, and JSON. Non-English language statements are also accepted.
Yes, we accept direct data feed from banks, financial institutions and brokerage houses.
You can either upload your files directly from the platform or send us via email.
We provide an anonymization tool for you on the platform to remove your name, address or any personally identifiable information from your statements when you upload your document. Alternatively, you may use a third-party text replacement software prior to sending us your statements.
The processing time is dependent on the complexity of the statements, e.g. number of transactions, number of private securities, etc. Our Customer Support team will advise accordingly when your statements are received.
We are working on the enhancement that will be available in the future.


Canopy processes every line item on each bank’s transactions, holdings, and cash statements. It applies a rigorous reconciliation process. As a result, Canopy is highly accurate and granular. Occasionally, errors may be found due to various reasons, including errors originating from the bank statements themselves. In such cases, Canopy is designed to efficiently track the source of error with an audit trail feature.
Our main pricing source is Bloomberg. For private instruments, such as hedge funds or private equity, we take the prices from statements provided by your bank, fund administrator or similar reliable sources. For assets where there is no statement (e.g. wine and art collections) we rely on input from you.
Your portfolio holdings are updated whenever fresh information is received. If Canopy is getting monthly statements from you, then your portfolio holdings are updated monthly. You can upload data at a higher freqency if you wish.
Yes. There are multiple tools in Canopy where you can download data into PDF, PowerPoint or Excel for additional analysis and reporting.
The client owns the data.

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