Canopy via Credit Suisse

Datafeed, Preferred pricing, Holistic view

The Perfect Partnership

Canopy and Credit Suisse have partnered together to offer a new wealth management experience.

Wealth consolidation and insights

Benefit from all the normal features of Canopy:

Anonymous & Secure

Your anonymity is in your control. Canopy is built to enable our clients to remain completely anonymous and has infrastructure that bank level secure.


Obtaining a holistic view of wealth in modern times is challenging. We provide the aggregation and analytics solutions to turn the data back into information.

PDF friendly

Canopy is able to consolidate PDF bank statements. We utilize advanced algorithms to extract and structure the data from your PDFs.

Additional features and advice available via Credit Suisse:

Preferred pricing

By utilizing Canopy via Credit Suisse we are able to offer preferred pricing.


Your Credit Suisse accounts are automatically updated at the end of each day.

Third party uploads

Consolidate your third party statements part of the service.

Family office setup

Several users are able to access the underlying portfolio under one license.

Access Control

Flexible access controls to allow a balance between holistic view and your privacy.

One platform

Access Canopy via the Credit Suisse Asia Digital Private Banking app.

A unique opportunity

Consolidating your entire wealth opens up significant potential. To ensure our clients are able to utilize their aggregated portfolio to its fullest extent Canopy developed features to allow you to share your portfolio with your Credit Suisse Relationship Manager.

Relationship Manager

Canopy has the ability to allow clients to share their consolidated portfolio with their Credit Suisse Relationship Manager.

Access Control

Canopy has specific access settings to allow you to tailor your holistic weath experience. We have four levels of Relationship Manager access for you to chose from:

No access

No access is provided to your Relationship Manager. This is the default access.


If you have more than one third party account, we show your Relationship Manager a single anonymous account.


We show your Relationship Manager individual anonymous accounts.

Full Access

We allow the individual accounts and Bank to be disclosed to the Relationship Manager.

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Find out more about how Canopy can help you become a better investor:

High Net-worth Individual

Find out how Canopy can help you to obtain a holistic view of your wealth.

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Relationship Manager

Automate your admin and capitalize on our guided insights.

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